It took guts, and my biggest fear was leaving my job at Council without another. The fear was so engrained in my mental conditioning I wasn’t exactly truthful to everyone at Council about why I was leaving and where I was going. I told them I was leaving to become an independent mortgage broker. I grew up with the belief that you cannot leave your existing job unless you had another to go to.

In 2005, after reading a book titled ‘You Were Born Rich’ Bob Proctor, I was awakened to a world of personal development. It was an awakening that I had never experienced before. More than a ‘Light bulb moment’ it was a desire to learn more about people and myself. I vowed that if this man ever spoke here in Australia I would go and see him. I registered my name on his website and within weeks I received an email to say he was speaking in Vegas.

In September 2005 I flew my daughter and myself to a seminar titled ‘The Science of Getting Rich’ over 3 days. My daughter was 9 and along with me, she spent 3 days with this education and training.

I think it set her up for the rest of her life. It was just before the release of ‘The Secret’ we were a privileged group to be able to see the previews at that event. It was very powerful for me, Bob Proctor had me stand in a room of hundreds of people and told me that I would be doing great things in the future for the people of Australia.

Walking the stage with Bob Proctor was a woman called Loral Langemeier. She was the same age, same professional background as an accountant, success with real estate in America and internationally.

She delivered a message to me that if you are prepared to invest money and time in yourself and your education you can achieve whatever it is you want. In education, she meant training and education from people that were business owners and investors. Not traditional education as we know it.

I introduced myself to Loral and she said you would be my first international coaching client. Come and join me, be coached by me and I will show you real estate markets that do not exist in Australia. I invested a lot of money that year to be coached by Loral and Bob Proctor and travelling to America and Mexico for this to happen. In the years following, I have been coached by Jay Abraham, Tony Robbins, Chris Howard, and the list goes on.

It is so important to find the people that can guide you, teach you, mentor and coach you in the line of business you want to be in. I have laid the foundation and keep on doing so to expand and grow myself and my business.

In the beginning, my goal was to replace my income so that I could provide a future for my daughter and as a bonus, to never go back to a job that I hated. I didn’t like being dictated to by managers and bosses and I didn’t like going to an office everyday 9-5 and usually longer.

I went from no job, no money, no college degree, no investments, no husband and no home to now creating a property portfolio in Australia and the USA. Through understanding the power of PASSIVE INCOME, also known as residual income.

How did I get there? You might ask. Well… it took years of education, coaching, family support and eventually travel, to be taught by mentors and coaches that are doing it.

When travelling in 2005 I saw the opportunity for ordinary Australians to invest in the USA market. In 2005 to be coached by real estate entrepreneur, was just amazing. I also became a student of personal development and I continue on a daily basis to develop my mindset. 2006 became a momentous year with exponential growth beyond what I ever expected.

So you can probably understand that I am constantly looking
 for different opportunities. I know that with these opportunities comes’ an expanded knowledge and the ability to become financially free. Financial FREEDOM is one of my highest values so when I can see that an opportunity lines up with my highest value I will go and passionately pursue it.

My real estate business took 15 years to get to where it is today. It has been a long road with lots of obstacles and challenges along the way. Out of adversity came a journey that provided me with a very different direction in life.

This is why I want to share with you something, which I discovered only 6 months ago…

My friend Chris Sweeney, now has a plan to leave her Council job in the pursuit of passive income. How, I hear you ask… real estate? Network marketing? She has discovered a way to create an online business selling other peoples products and services. You don’t even have to have your own. You can be selling other peoples.

Chris’s online business in particular, was to sell the education, training and mentoring I have so valued over the last 15 years of developing my own ‘Passive Income’ journey. The exciting part about this business is it can be faster than my journey over the last 15 years.

The advantage to me, is not having the tenants and property management issues that can create the headaches, obstacles and challenges in my real estate business.

Research is indicating very clearly that 60% of the jobs that are around today will not be around in 10 years time. Research also indicates that the way of the future is online information, products and services. Me being who I am always looking for trends and opportunities out of adversity.

The big trend over the last 15 years has been the real estate trend and opportunity that occurred out of GFC. Some people take advantage of that opportunity and others wish they had.

I am such a believer in finding people that are already doing what you want to do and be coached and mentored in the pursuit of creating that ‘thing’ you want to do. Chris has watched my journey and seen that I am living proof of that reality.

So, getting back to the pursuit of passive income Chris and I have teamed up together to bring to you the mentors and coaches that earn multiple seven figures online. He and his business partner have coached us through setting up our first online business.

Since 2010 I’ve helped hundreds of people create a successful real estate portfoilio that create passive income each and every month. Chris and I want to share our discovery with you and introduce you to Stuart and Jay at SFM and now we’re looking to educate, coach and mentor others like you in 2016.

If you are interested learning how we do what we do I would like to share with you the same free training we used to get ourselves started.

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