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SFM co-founder Stuart Ross answers your questions.

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Six Figure Mentors

What is Trish and Chris’ relationship with the SFM?

Trish and Chris are accredited affiliate marketers and members of the SFM. Trish and Chris receive ‘affiliate commission’ when they refer new members and customers to SFM. It was the SFM system that taught Trish and Chris marketing strategies and showed them how to set up their own online business so they are confident when recommending these products.

What is an affiliate?

An affiliate is someone who has permission to sell someone else’s product. The affiliate will receive a commission from this purchase. The owner of the product or service sets the rate of the commission. As an affiliate, you will market the product or service online and send prospective customers to the websites with the product/services details. When customers purchase the products/service, the affiliate receive a commission for that purchase. The affiliate’s job is to find the right customers and send them to the companies product pages for them to complete their purchase. The SFM & DEA have set up the checkout process so you don’t need to do anymore than find the right customers.

How long have SFM been in business?

The SFM have been in business since 2010. The SFM founders, 2 very successful entrepreneurs, have been online for over 15 years collectively. SFM began as a marketing system for other companies online in 2010 and have evolved into one of the industry’s leading online business education companies with members in 140 countries. They have an associated company, Digital Experts Academy that provides high level personal coaching and mentoring programs to students.


What does it cost to start with SFM?

You will have to submit an application for $29.95, (this is fully refunded within 30 days if you are not completely happy) to the Six Figure Mentors by completing a short questionnaire about yourself. Once you have been accepted, you will purchase a membership for $297.00. This will become a monthly cost of $97.00 on the second month. From here, you can purchase further educational programs through the Digital Experts Academy, ranging from $2500 – $20,000.


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