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About Trish Davies


My name is Trish Davies, the co-founder of Wealth Options Within. In 1997 I went through a separation with my husband and in 1999 received tragic news overnight, which left me a single parent almost immediately with a 4-year-old daughter!

My husband was killed in a tragic motorcycle accident at 29 years old… my daughter was 4 years old, and I was left with being a widow. Not the future I had envisioned for myself and definitely not for my daughter.

Not only did my daughter and I go through the negative experience of a separation but just two years later, we go through the tragic experience of his death.

We loved each other, but the biggest cause of our separation was money problems.

I made a decision after those tragic circumstances “to build a financial wall around my family that nothing or no-one could get through”. How was I going to do that? By replacing an income.

If anyone has heard me present I am always encouraging people to “replace an income in their household, at least one income!”

At first I thought the only way to do that was with a formal education. So first came the Commerce degree and I accomplished that in 2002. Something I was really proud of achieving, as I was never very good at school. Failed in commerce and maths in Year 10 and left at 15 years of age.

Once I graduated in 2002 I got a job as a ‘graduate accountant’ at my local government Council earning a grand $35,000 per year. I was shocked. This was not replacing a household income. It was just barely going to support my daughter. On that salary it was so low I was still receiving support for childcare. I was working 9-5pm, putting my daughter into Before School Care, After School Care, Vacation Care… and just fed up with it in general.

The next question I asked was how do I, at least, increase my income. The only way I knew at the time was to fight for a salary increase. So that’s what I did, it took months of justifying my position and, what I did in that role. It then involved convincing managers and bosses of the increase and more importantly could they afford it, did it fit in with their budget they so carefully put together and got approved?

After months, they finally agreed that the salary needed to be increased to justify the amount and level of work I was doing… A win! My salary was increased to $50,000. That was a huge increase. So had I not fought and believed in myself I would have not have received the extra income. I had also paved the way for the next employee that was to come along.

And, that is exactly what happened. A few months later a position came up in a neighboring council and yes, I got the position. Same money, less travel.

I was starting to come to the conclusion that I would be stuck in a job that I hated. And, it was not just the job, it was the profession I had chosen… big dilemma!! I had worked so hard to achieve those qualifications and there was this feeling of obligation… a feeling of commitment. Which made me feel even worse when contemplating a move out of my profession… I was seriously stuck!

The only positive that came out of my job at Council was the people I met there. One in particular, her name was Chris Sweeney and we worked in the Finance Department together. I shared more with Chris than any other person there. Chris left to join another Council, better position less travel. I left because I discovered the power of PASSIVE INCOME

Let me get back to the discovery of passive income. Whilst working at Council I started to research other ways of earning income. The first one I discovered was ‘Learn to Trade’. It was learning charts, signals, Fibonacci numbers, candlestick formations and whatever else was necessary to make a decision to buy and sell currencies. I ran with it for 4 years and did not make any money. I also realized it was not passive income. It was active income. I had to be in front of those computer screens and watch, analyze and trade.

The education and training was phenomenal! The people I met was incredible. I still have life long friends from that experience. It opened my eyes to new ways of making money, unfortunately not for me! In later years I discovered I did not have the personality for this way of earning an income.

While working at the Council job, I decided to get a mortgage and buy a home for me and Emily. The house I chose was in a nice neighbourhood however the house needed a lot of work.

Mum and dad helped out with a very small deposit and the bank came with the rest of the money needed to purchase it. With the little money I had I could only afford to do very small jobs, painting, refurbishing floors, anything that could be done by myself and my family.

After a couple of years living in this house, my parents wanted to sell their house in a neighbourhood 10 minutes away to buy another across the road. They offered the house to me; they asked me if I wanted to buy it. I thought it would be a great opportunity, in that Emily would be so close to her grandparents. It would make life so much easier. It was that decision that put me on a journey of understanding PASSIVE INCOME.

The only option at the time for me was to rent out my existing house and buy mum and dads house at market value. There you have it… All of a sudden I was producing a second income, a passive income, by putting people into a house and them paying me rent I was earning an income. It was truly passive!

Mum and dad then decided to move out-of-state and it began again. They offered me to buy their house at market value. They got a valuer in, and I went of to the bank and they approved another loan for another property. I put people in the house and moved across the road into a bigger and better house with a swimming pool, another income coming in.

So the pattern continued, until I had purchased a total of 7 houses and in 2005 I decided that I wanted to leave Council, my job, and pursue real estate as an investor and business owner. However, it was not easy. Like I stated earlier I had to lie to employees and managers about why I was leaving; as what I was doing just did not fit into what is usually done. In other words, you just don’t leave your job for no job. Read More


About Chris Sweeney


I’ve been a single mum since my youngest was 2 years old and with both of them teenagers in 2003, I had hit rock bottom, financially and emotionally. I had just spent a month in hospital and was on the slow road to recovery when the bank advised they were foreclosing on our family home. I had one child in his final year of school and my other child also in high school. Both were attending private schools at the time. Although I was employed full time, I was only capable of working part time. This put extreme pressure on my finances and didn’t help my health either. I was falling behind in my mortgage repayments and I didn’t seem to be able to get ahead. I had worked extremely hard over the years to provide for my children and put a roof over their heads but I was running out of options. I thought I would have to sell the house, our home, to pay the mounting debts that now included overdue school fees.

Eventually I found a finance company who was willing to refinance my mortgage, albeit at a much higher interest rate than bank finance. This took the immediate financial pressure off.

This very experience taught me a big lesson. I was determined to never be in this position again and I needed to find a way to be in control of my finances and my life.

In the following 10+ years, my health is the best it has been in my entire life, both my children have married and I have my first grandchild. And I have secured an Australian property portfolio in excess of $2M during that time.

In 2004, I met Trish Davies (my business partner now!) while we were working together in Finance in a large organisation. Neither of us had a pleasant experience with the management. I moved on into another organisation in 2005 and Trish began her personal entrepreneurial journey. We remained great friends and now we are business partners.

My Working Life

I’ve worked all my life in Finance and Accounting roles and always in large organisations and that provided the job security and financial rewards I was looking for while raising my 2 children on my own.

I really hadn’t saved much or put as much away for retirement as I would have liked. So that led me to searching for a second income. I found a network marketing company through a very good friend of mine and expected great things. I wasn’t confident enough at that time to be successful in this type of enterprise. I made a little bit of money from time to time but not what I was expecting.

On the upside, I was exposed to internet marketing for the first time. I signed up to bootcamps with Mike Dillard, Russell Brunson and Eban Pagan and bought their products. These guys opened my eyes to what was possible. I didn’t quite appreciate the opportunity presented to me at the time but I knew in my heart and in the back of my mind that I could succeed with this type of work and the excitement of internet marketing never left me.

In 2007, I attended an event in Sydney that absolutely changed the course of my life. It was Unleash The Power Within seminar with Tony Robbins. This was my very 1st face to face, live event I had ever attended and it blew me away! I did the Fire Walk on the 1st night and what an experience that was! Incredible! After doing the Fire Walk with absolutely no burns or blisters, I knew I could do anything I put my mind to! I worked hard on myself, my mindset and read all the books and watched the dvd’s. The mind is so powerful and I started to believe it and became empowered and passionate about this. I started working on the things I wanted in my life and in 2008 I was offered and accepted a leadership position I had been wanting for some time. This was the beginning of my belief that success is as much about mindset as it is about hard work. With the right mindset and values, you can achieve anything you set out to do.

I have learned so much from Tony Robbins, Jay Abraham, Denis Waitley, Bob Proctor, Stephen Covey, John C Maxwell, Jack Canfield, Vic Johnson, Paul Scheele, Napoleon Hill, Dale Carnegie, Jim Rohn and Zig Ziglar. All incredible motivators and mentors! I’ve read and re-read books – Think and Grow Rich, How to Win Friends and Influence People, Developing the Leader Within You, You Were Born Rich, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, The Success Principles and The Science of Getting Rich.

Current Life

It was a number of years later while doing some research on social media, I came across a guy on a video, talking to me about internet marketing and that sparked my interest immediately. This guy was of course Stuart Ross, co-founder of the Six Figure Mentors. I knew instantly I had found the right mentors that can help me live my dream of succeeding in internet marketing. Everything he said made perfect sense to me. Maybe it was because I had exposure to internet marketing years earlier or maybe he was saying the things that made me believe again. I signed up for bootcamp and watched as much as I could and read the materials and fairly quickly submitted my application and became a member of the SFM community, ready to create my new lifestyle.

What really sold me was the value of the material they were giving away. They give so much value up front. There are no hidden costs. It is all laid out for you so you can make an informed decision. Their program is incredible and the platform they offer is remarkable. And their enthusiasm is infectious! I am so grateful to have found these coaches and this program. I am creating my ideal lifestyle through this highly intuitive digital business.

Multiple streams of income give you the freedom to spend more time with family and friends, take vacations to places you have always wanted to visit or simply relax at home away from hustle and bustle of the corporate life.

Whatever resonates with you, when the right opportunity appears and with the right guidance, you can create multiple streams of income to create your ideal lifestyle.

Trish and I want to help you unlock your potential and discover your extraordinary life now. It takes persistence, determination, hard work and the ability to take direction from mentors who have done the hard yards. If this sounds like you, get in touch with Trish and I so we can have a chat with you. Go here now to contact us.