These 3 Things Will Change Your Life


When you want to progress in your business, in your career, in your sport, in your job, you need to come up with a plan.

To start with, you need to be clear on your objectives…what it is you want to accomplish. The end result, if you like.

Let’s say you are an athlete, a runner, and you need to shave a few seconds off your best time. And reaching this goal, will see you eligible for representative selection. (A Very Big Deal!)

And there is a time frame…you have 3 months to achieve the target time.

So this becomes very important to you.

Based on your current performance, your current training program, your diet and so on, you can anticipate a schedule that will see you progress toward your goal.

What you know for sure is – if you remain doing the same things in the same way, you are NOT likely to achieve your goal.

So there needs to be a shift. And you need to formulate the plan to get this under way.

So you work on the plan…

  1. What type of training is required?
    • Is it short, sharp training sessions or long, intense sessions?
  2. How often are the training sessions?
    • Is it training every day of the week or only every other day?
  3. Do you need gym work?
    • Is it intense weight training to increase your core strength?
  4. Can a combination of training work?

Whatever it is, you have to be fully committed.

You formulate your plan. This could be a training plan or a business plan (career, job, business).

And this becomes your blueprint for success.

So what is your next step?

  1. Step outside your comfort zone – step into fear, into the unknown, the unfamiliar because it is fear that keeps you within the bounds of your comfort zone.
  2. Take action – start doing the action steps – continue working hard in your training sessions.
  3. Provide value – by documenting your training program, your action steps – you inspire and help other athletes in their sporting pursuits (other business owners, other employees, other employers).

You measure your progress against your blueprint. You need to be hitting your milestones outlined in your plan. And adjust and record your progress as you move along the time frame.

You achieve your goal because you

  1. formulated a plan,
  2. you did the work,
  3. you measured your progress and
  4. made slight adjustments

to ensure the target time was achieved within the timeframe.

Following these 3 things will change your life and change the way you achieve your goals in life. It can be personal goals, sporting goals, business goals, career goals….following these 3 things will give you the best chance to realise your dreams.

Providing value is the essential component of any venture…being able to shorten the learning curve for someone else; to lead by example through taking action and to inspire others by stepping out of your comfort zone.

In our business, we are following our business plan to achieve our goals. And this is normal business practice.

What really gives us the most satisfaction, is being able to inspire and guide others by sharing our experience, our challenges and our triumphs. This is by far the most rewarding experience, watching others grow in confidence and in expertise and seeing them achieving their goals and dreams.

What a way to change your life and impact the world, don’t you think?

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See you on the inside 🙂

Trish and Chris


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