What Holds You Back In Life?

What holds you back from getting everything you are wanting in life?

what holds you backYou hear me talk about belief “the size of your success depends on the size of your belief”. What is a belief? Belief is a collection of thoughts… thoughts you keep thinking. Thoughts you keep thinking on a daily basis. So you need to ask your self… what do you keep thinking every day. Your beliefs could be the thing that is holding you back.

The voice speaking in your head, sometimes called the saboteur, the monkey, the critic, the scared and fearful person is the collection of thoughts that holds you back. Sometimes I have to remind myself to get out of my own way. What does this mean… it means to ignore that monkey that saboteur thinking that goes on when you want to take some action?

Now this voice speaking in your head can be also called ‘resistance’ which is a great word to use for this negative voice that speaks to you. Anytime you have a vision or a big goal that you want to achieve you will always come up against this ‘resistance’. You can physically feel this resistance when you want to achieve your goal and yet your negative voice will tell you ‘you cant do that’ ‘you are not capable of achieving that’ ‘You’re not good enough’ ‘you don’t have the right skills or knowledge for that’. Resistance would not be there unless you had a big goal or big vision. So you have to expect ‘resistance’. The question is… how do you overcome the resistance?

Those thoughts can influence the outcomes of your actions. Once you are aware of those negative thoughts and you recognize that those thoughts are not real, not the truth then you can take some action to consistently dismiss those thoughts. There is not a quick fix to change those negative thoughts or the voice constantly checking in with you all the time. You’ve got to take action and not hang around your head.

Are You A Professional or Amateur?

You have to act like a ‘professional’ and not act like an amateur when it comes to working towards your vision or your goal. If you have made a decision to start your own business you have to commit to that business like a professional and not an amateur. So being a professional could mean that you have to practice everyday. It might mean to research and learn everyday.

Through a process called meditation you can become more resilient and focused to your negative thoughts. There is something very powerful with the simple ritual of meditation. When I talk about a ritual it can be as simple as a guided meditation of 15 minutes per day. That is all I do… 15 minutes per day and on some days that I have more time I go to 30 minutes.

I have clearly noticed the strength of mind that meditation has created. Your brain has a degree of plasticity and with a ritual of meditating on a daily basis it can change your brain. Your focus will shift and change and you will find it easier to commit to those processes required to fulfill that vision.

So to overcome those negative thoughts, which prevent you from getting everything, you want in life you need to turn ‘professional’ and take action each and every day. You also need to develop a ritual and meditate on a daily basis for at least 15 minutes per day at a minimum.

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