Time Freedom

What You Can Do When You Have Time Freedom

We were at a beautiful Italian restaurant today talking about how grateful we are that we can share a wonderful meal with wonderful company on a wonderful New Years Day.

We call these our Mastermind Sessions, Principle 9 out of ‘Think and Grow Rich’ by Napoleon Hill. We always enjoy the collaboration and connection that comes from these sessions.

Our business has always had the benefit of us coming together to create ideas and ensure they are in alignment with the vision of the business. This one was particularly important as it was to launch into 2016.

This session allowed us to review our business and marketing plan and analyse the statistics required to have another successful year online.

The business plan is a moving document and is not set in concrete. It is fluid and constantly needs to be reviewed. We have the freedom and flexibility of being able to this anywhere, anytime. Particularly at our favourite restaurant on the coast of NSW.

The marketing plan gives us the direction and budget required to promote our business model. Marketing as you know is a key piece to any business. Marketing is 80% of the operations of any business.

The key piece of marketing is identifying the current trends nationally and more importantly for our business, it’s internationally. Research clearly indicates that the trends are evident for online education, training and coaching.

It is also evident that the jobs that are being provided currently will no longer be sustainable in the long term. This has been a driving force for both of us as a reason for creating and growing an international business.

Our online business gives us Time Freedom to enjoy a flexible lifestyle so we can choose where we eat, where we visit, who we want to spend time with. It is truly a Time Freedom lifestyle.

Leave a comment below and let us know if you would be interested in finding ‘Time Freedom’ for yourself. We would love to hear from you…